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Warn Winch Internals Illustrated

Ok.... this weekend we were at Drummond Island on a pre-run for this summers Hummer Club event.... it was a good time, however, at winch hill, after pulling 4 or 5 trucks up, I was unable to get my winch to work, it just clicked.... All the mean while, it kept geting harder and harder to pull the line out (I am running synthetic).... So, I knew when I got home I had a project infront of me....

Tonight I pulled the winch down and started to dissassemble it to find out the reason for the two issues.... so.... Here is what I found, not exactly what a winch gear should look like....

(The biggest key is to mark the housing BEFORE you take bolts out)

The end cap that has the free spool lever on it :

The motor end

The Drum - This is all rusty cause it had a steel line on it most of its life....

The damn allen bit I broke off - now another issue to deal with

Middle planetary gear set

Bottom Planetary gear set

The gear set - Cleaned

Free Spool Lock - How it works
Basically it locks the planetary gear in place by putting a half-moon wedge in its way

Free Spool Lever Locked

Free Spool lever locked - the ring my thumb is on is the one that needs to spin freely to get the line to come out easy. This was, as you saw, caked in 80% mud and 20% grease and it was tough to spin when I had it on the bench.

When I popped open the case for the gear set, out came about 12oz of water, so it obviously wasn't totally sealed as it should have been. I will be getting to the motor and drum later this week..... There is a good theory that my issue with the motor now is just the thermal over-ride.... but I have to get to that part next.... so stay tuned....


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