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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Odor Removal:

my brand new truck smells like CAT P*SS. I've removed the mats again and cleaned the basic floor area. I've even sprayed a mist of a product called Fabreze (sp?) in the floor area. Guess I'll need to get the mats shampooed.

Sorry to hear about the cat incident. My best (and professional) advice is to wash those mats with lots of soapy water and a good dose of pet-stain/odor remover available from pet shops. Febreeze is at best a temporary odor-masking substance and the first time the mats get wet they will start to reek again from cat p*ss. I don't know if the mats are made in a way that can withstand much abuse from a washer, but your only hope of saving them is repeated saturation and rinsing with soap and water as solvents to remove the water-based urine and its crystals. As for specific cat recipes, I can't help you there, but (I am NOT a cat lover) they do make good road pizzas. Good luck.


We use a product called odor-endZyme by Spring Green Manufactured by CDC products corp. It's bioengineered bacterial cultures with free enzymes. You need to let it sit for at least 3 hrs. uninterrupted so that the bacteria can establish itself. Sounds like a sci-fi movie. You can probably find it at a janitorial supply store. It's milky white and has green lettering on the gallon jug. It's non-toxic, envio safe, biodegradable.

Dan Astrom

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