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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base


> OK, I give up,
> It rained here last night and now I have water on the floor of my
> Hummer.  It is a 95 4dr Hardtop.  The windows were closed and the door
> was shut.  What gives?  Any clues?
> Thanks,  Eb

Eb (& All):

I had two leaking problems. Here is what I did:

  1. Leaking around windshield, usually on rough road - applied a small bead of "black stuff" around the glass/rubber joint on the outside of both windshields. (Sorry I don't have a better description, the glass guy did it for me - some type of sealer.)

  2. Leaking around the door seal - (also wind noise above about 45 mph) - moved the door UP a small amount by adjusting the hinges. The holes that the hinges mount to have some adjustment built in to them. There was a small gap at the top of the door. (Close a strip of paper or dollar bill in the door at various locations and see how hard it is to pull it out.)

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon

"Donald Calebaugh,MD" wrote:

Had had similar problem solved by:

  1. Using liberal silicone around cable entrance into driver's side of vehicle (and any other noticable openings).


  2. Liberal application of Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack sealer on top of windshield. This white milky liquid goes into any small crack by osmosis and later hardens and seals. One will need to watch and wipe up the excess as it matriculates down the windshield and leaks out before the excess hardens. I have used this in other applications on boats and home and it works. Can be purchased thru a marine dealer.... rather cheap too.

If these leaks aren't sealed, water does drip down OVER the fuse boxes..... and onto your leg if you're driving.


Bruce J. Andersen wrote:

> I have had the same water dripping under the dash problem in my 95 Gas
> Wagon and found it to be from 1) the hood lock cable hole, which I
> re-sealed with silicone seal and 2) the windshield, which my dealer
> (Garden State Hummer) tried to seal twice and failed twice. It appears
> that water leaks through the windshield seals, collects on the upper
> dash, then runs off the ends of the upper dash when you turn and drips
> down the sides of the dash. Hope you have better luck with windshield
> sealing than I did.
> Bruce Andersen

Bruce and all:

I had the gaskets around the windshield resealed four times prior to having the dealer replace the gaskets. IMHO you can reseal all you want but if you want the leak cured (knock on wood, but its only been 5 months or so) have the gaskets replaced. FYI: mine were replaced under warranty. I was told that they are using a different gasket material now that in earlier model years.

Might as well check the following on yours, these are where we found leaks on my wagon:

  • windshield gaskets: resealing is a feel good fix, have the gaskets replaced (under warranty) until the leak goes away.

  • roof ream: have the seam ground to bare metal, sealed and repainted (under warranty).

  • missing rivets: we found a missing rivet behind the heater assembly.

  • AC hose through firewall: reseal.

Yhe logical places, but has yet to affect my wagon: hood release cable gasket near CTIS, the door seals, floor plugs and window gaskets.

To date my high water mark was 3" in the passenger well.

Happy treading,

Gary Collings '95 white wagon

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