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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Fixing Cracked and Broken Plastic Parts

I have lots of cracked and brittle plastic inside I'd like to start going through. The glove box is very flimsy and all of the mounting holes are cracked. All of the heater vents are falling apart.

You can actually fix the plastic. Some have used epoxy and other glues, but the correct way to do it so it never happens again is to get some fiberglass cloth (the woven stuff, not the random mat), some CA glue (crazy glue), some CA accelerator and some gorilla glue (aka urethane glue).

On the back of each crack lay a piece of the fiberglass cloth and put the CA glue around the edges. The stuff will soak right through and make the fiberglass sort of transparent. Spray some acclerant on. Once you do this the fiberglass is on there for good.

If the crack is in a non-stress area, use more of the CA glue in the center and let it dry. The resulting bond and repair is much stronger than the original plastic and will never break.

If the cracked or broken piece is at a stress point (ie the door strap brackets, which will kill the plastic under it at some point), use the same steps as above but instead of using CA glue in the center portion, use the gorilla glue. This gives a flexible yet very strong substrate that will fill voids. Make sure to saturate the fiberglass so that it again turns clear. Let it dry.

You can use the gorilla glue to fill in small voids as it expands and will fill in crack (again around the door straps). Use a knife to cut off any excess foam after it dries.

If you have broken pieces (ie the screw holes on the the overhead trim) which are covered with vinyl the above works ok also, however if a piece is missing, you can get the putty epoxy that you mix as two sticks in your hand to mold a piece the same size as the missing piece. Stick it the missing piece hole, let it dry and then cover it with the fiberglass as above.

Using the above methods you can repair pretty well any of the plastic in the truck and once you get the hang of it you can't tell it was even broken.

If you need a vinyl repair, the best option is to do all the patches your self and then take the truck (or the trim pieces) to a auto upholstery shop) they can fill in missing gouges and match the color pretty well and unless you look real close you won't see the original injures.

I have fixed up a few trucks with screwed up interiors this way and as stated you can't even tell that the things where broken in the first place. Total cost to repair for each truck, about $30 worth of glue and fiberglass. With the CA accelerant you can fix a crack in less than 5 minutes.


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