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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Removing a Back Seat in 1998 (and later) Hummers:

I am thinking about removing the back seat behind the drivers seat in my 2000 wagon, but part of the radio package is located under this seat. I wonder if it's easy to re-locate it, and where?

The piece under the seat is the speaker 'box' for the Monsoon system woofers. It is held in place only by two straps with quick-release type buckles. The only wiring going to it is a single harness, also with a quick dis-connect on it. It is very easy to remove and replace.

As to mounting it under the passenger side seat, size wise, it should fit. (You'd obviously have to relocate the jack and tire tools.) As to whether the wiring harness comes down the middle of the truck or down the outside rocker panel, I haven't traced mine to see. If it comes down the middle, it too should be fairly easy to relocate. The last remaining 'problem' is that the straps that hold it in are anchored to a plate in the floor just between the seat and the rocker rail trim. If you take it up and move it to the other side you may have a nasty oblong hole left there staring at you. Might consider buying just that part and installing an identical piece on the passenger side. Also, as to how that anchor strip is attached to the floor, again, I haven't had mine up to look so I can't advise on that either.....probably some type of compressed nut insert.

Another alternative would be to simply eliminate that speaker box and go with an aftermarket sub kit....JL Audio, etc. Seek further advice as to what power the Monsoon amp puts out to the subs to be sure it's capable of properly driving another woofer set.......otherwise you'll be into an aftermarket amp to run the aftermarket subs.....and then.....well....then the snowball effect completely takes over.

Rick Crider
Monroe NC

... adding to Rick's fine comments:

The holes for the subwoofer are pre-drilled in all HUMMERs (at least they're there on my 1998 HMCO, even though the Monsoon isn't available for soft-tops). Trucks without the Monsoon installed have low-profile black plastic strips screwed to the floor. I could see it to the left of my rear seat, but didn't take the time to move my tool box to see if there is another one on the other side of the seat. You could buy the cover used in HUMMERs without a Monsoon if you care about looks. Otherwise, you could leave the screw holes open. Check the Parts Catalog for details on these parts.

Only other difference when moving the subwoofer to the right rear, besides what Rick pointed out, is that you'll need to drill holes in your floor (maybe just the upper level - the floor is raised somewhat)

Another alternative would be to simply eliminate that speaker box and go with an aftermarket sub kit....JL Audio, etc....

The best subs are servo driven, and the amp is matched to the speaker driver. So you're better off getting a new amp if you go with a new speaker. Of course, perhaps you aren't looking to spend that kind of money... The Monsoon sub may even be self-powered - you'll find out when you examine the wiring (speaker-level only, or line-level plus 12V).

Brian Willoughby
YELLO Turbo HMCO 1998

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