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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Civilian (HUMMER) Designations:

(In no particular order)

  • XLC2 - 2-door extra long cab
  • HMC2 - 2-door regular cab
  • HMCO - Open Top Hard Doors
  • HMC4 - Hard Top 4-door
  • HMCS - Wagon 4-door
  • HMSB - Slant Back 4-door
  • HMDS - Alpha Wagon 4-door
  • HMDO - Alpha Open Top
  • KSCO - K-Series Open Top
  • KSC4 - K-Series Hard Top 4-door
  • KSCS - K-Series Wagon 4-door
  • VLCO - "Value Leader" Open Top
  • VLC2 - "Value Leader" 2-door
  • HMCF - 2-door Fleet
  • HMR2 - 2-door "Recruit"
  • HMRO - Open Top "Recruit"

NOTE: The "Recruit" moniker was used in 1993 (Brochures were issued), but changed to "Value Leader" in 1994. Any "Recruits" that were sold were re-designated as "Value Leaders" in subsequent paperwork. Therefore, there are no production numbers for the "Recruit" available today.

For more information on each model year, including available colors and production numbers, see Jim Lynch's Hummer H1 model year changes.

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