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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

"Drain Filter" Light Stays On:

Ok. I have changed the filter, done everything in the Hummer Knowledge Base and still can't get the light to turn off. Also I have a 2003 so I just turn the key to run the pump and bleed the air. Is fuel meant to come out of the top ? Any ideas on what to do with the light? It does flicker sometimes.

  1. Drain the filter using the drain-cock at the driver's wheelwell. Run the engine to keep the lift pump pumping while doing this, and drain about half a liter of fuel. Let it sit and see if there is any water on the bottom of the bottle.

  2. The light sometimes doesn't like to go off right away. No need to panic, drive for a short while and see if it goes off or not.

Sounds like water sensor is tripped up. If you drained through draincock, the water should have been removed. It may take a little bit for the sensor to reset. If vehicle runs fine, then the water sensor is only a minor issue.


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