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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Dual Alternator Wiring for 24v HMMWVs:


100 and 200 AMP Alternators

A. NSN 2920-00-000-0183 (100 amp) and NSN 2920-01-264-6542 (200 amp) will no longer be available for the HMMWV.
If you need a new alternator, please order NSN 2920-01-407-0532 (100 amp) or NSN 2920-01-420-9968 (200 amp).
B. NSN 2920-01-407-0532 (100 amp) and NSN 2920-01-420-9968 (200 amp) are for a dual voltage alternator used on the new A2 and ECV HMMWV´s with an electronic control transmission.
This system will become the standard alternator used for support.
C. The dual volt alternator can now be used in your basic and A1 HMMWVs.
Because these are 28V systems, it is important to ground the +14V terminal of the dual voltage regulator according to the following procedure:

1. Fabricate a grounding jumper wire using the materials and instructions in figure 4-2.

For Steps 2 through 4, see figure 4-3.

2. Install all wires and connector to their respective position on the regulator.
3. Do not remove cap (item 2) on phase connector since this connector is not used.
4. Connect grounding jumper wire (item 1) from +14V terminal to ground. Secure terminal under nut and bolt respectively, using torque specified.


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