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The Hummer Knowledge Base

BTM Technique:

Here is the method for BTM I find the most effective on my 1995 HMCO. I only modulate to keep the RPM's steady at around 1700 rpm (~max of torque curve):

  1. Stop the wheel-spin: First thing to do is gently apply the brake - don't stomp on it. Keep in mind that your tire weighs somewhere in the order of 150lbs with the run-flat in it, and your brakes are up by the differentials, so when you step on the brake, your half-shaft will twist as momentum tries to keep the tire spinning... the half-shafts are tough, but they can break if you slam on the brakes while the tire is spinning freely.

  2. Switch Feet: Put your left foot on the brake - it takes a while to get used to this if you haven't done it before, but you need to switch feet. Continue to hold the brake to the floor for now, with your left foot.

  3. Apply Pressure to the Throttle: Without releasing the brake with your left foot, gently step on the throttle with your right foot - watch your tachometer, and continue to push gently on the throttle until you bring the vehicle up to around 1700 RPM.

  4. Slowly Take Pressure off the Brake: When you reach 1700 RPM, slowly start releasing the brake with your left foot - the vehicle will most likely start to crawl forward at this point.

  5. Drive Through: If the vehicle stops moving, apply a little more pressure to the brake, and enough throttle to keep you at 1700 RPM. If it climbs over 1700 RPM, let off the throttle enough to drop it back down. With practice, you will be able to maintain your RPM and drive through smoothly.


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